This book is bilingual, in English and Chinese

There are three parts in this book.

Part 1, Nuclear Age Dilemma, starts out giving the reader some background to radiation, then moves on to explain our nuclear age dilemma, the problematic issue of radioactive waste to which Hong Kong is not immune, and finally to the thorny issue of radioactive and polluted foods, not just in Japan, but everywhere in the world.

Part 2, Healing Lifestyle, is devoted to the lifestyle and disposition that foster genuine health and preserve Zheng Qi in the body, mind and spirit (Chapters 7 and 8), boost our immune power, promote self-healing, and free us from reliance on medication. It ends with a chapter on Green Living, in which I point out that renewable energy alternatives may also bring about climate change. Careful assessments during the planning stage, with mitigation measures in hand, are necessary to avert disasters in the future.

The general public may not have much influence on the energy policy and politics of their own country, not to mention the policies of other countries; but environmental pollution knows no bounds. Fortunately, there are ways to protect ourselves.

Part 3, Healing Foods describes the foods endowed by nature that can protect and heal us.

In preparing for my trip to Japan in the autumn of 2014, I looked into ways and diets that can safeguard our health against radiation. I was inspired by Dr. Akizuki of St. Francis Hospital who spent years treating atomic bomb victims just 1.6 kilometres from the epicentre of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki in 1945. While caring for his patients, neither he nor his staff suffered from radiation sickness. Dr. Akizuki believed that their daily diet which included miso soup, brown rice, seaweed and vegetables protected them from the ill effects. Years later, researchers found the reasons why – see Chapters 12 and 14.

In my decades of research and practice of healthy living, I find the foods that boost our immunity and self healing power can also protect us from radiation, free radicals, toxins, genetic mutation and cancer.

Nature never ceases to amaze me!