Dr. Mamie Lau, Founder and Chairperson of RadHealth, said,

“In my health talks, many in the audience are concerned about the radiation levels in food and the environment around us. They are interested in measuring the radiation in their environs, as well the global mapping system, a unique feature of the bGeigie Nano, a mobile, geo-tagged, logging sensor of radiation developed by Safecast. Users can submit their mobile radiation measurements to the Safecast dataset for inclusion in an online global mapping system developed by Safecast with MIT Media Lab.”

With the bGeigie,

volunteers can upload data, time, GPS, and altitude to build a global network of interactive radiation maps, and anyone can freely access the data.”

As various types of pollution beset our environment, RadHealth does not only address the problem of radiation; it is also concerned about the harm caused by pollution, such as heavy metals, inorganic and organic pollutants, and is ready to provide information on mitigation measures, services such as measurement of radiation, scheme for analyses of toxics in food and products, care work, talks and workshops to help people enhance their natural immune power and achieve vibrant health.

* Safecast  is a global volunteer-centered citizen science project working to empower people with transparent, credible and accurate data about their environments.