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2018-11-16 Radiation Affecting Buildings, Environment and Health _ BEAM CPD

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2018-11-16 Radiation Affecting Buildings, Environment and Health _ BEAM CPD

Dr. Mamie Lau was invited by BEAM Society Limited to speak on 16 November 2018 about

"Radiation Affecting Buildings, Environment and Health"

in their CPD Training –

Topics :

  • Ionizing radiation* – from building materials, indoor radon, environment, air, water, food, including the hazards of toxic metals; health impact, and measures of mitigation
  • Non-ionizing radiation – Electromagnetic waves in buildings and the environment (Wifi, mobile phones, transmission towers) and mitigatory measures
  • Solar radiation reflected from building façades/ glass curtain walls - pioneering ray tracing study; EIA during planning stage of buildings can prevent nuisance, health hazards, damages, blinding glare to receivers and drivers

ICC paper

* Participants are welcome to bring samples (e.g. building materials, renovation tiles etc.) for ionizing radiation measurements.

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The participation was enthusiastic, full-house and the feedback very good:

  1. Your lecture touches on all kinds of layman's questions targeted to me in my workplace.
  2. The seminar is very interesting.
  3. The seminar is very good!
  4. The seminar is very useful.
  5. A good seminar.
  6. Please introduce more about the solution / countermeasure of ICC’s case about the glare.

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