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In our Care Work, subscribers are informed of health tips and latest activities organized from time to time – see News and Events.

We advocate a holistic approach to healthy living


In the face of terminal illness, one need not despair,

For at the end of the tunnel is light and hope,

As one transcends suffering.


Traditional Chinese Medicine emphasizes the holistic concept: the human body is considered as an organic whole.  There are interactions not only among organs, tissues and cells of the body, but also between the body and the outside environment. Everything, and everyone, are interconnected with each other. We need to coordinate to maintain balance and harmony within and without. This is the foundation of healthy life. Only when we achieve coordination and balance within our body (homeostasis) and with the environment, can we defend ourselves from disease. If this balance is compromised, illnesses ensue.

Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician, said over two thousand years ago that disease was not a punishment inflicted by the gods, but rather the product of environmental factors, diet, and living habits.  His therapeutic approach was based on ‘the healing power of nature’, believing that the body contains power within to re-balance and heal itself.

Healthy living involves an intricate balance of our internal and external environment. Internally our body and mind need a proper balance of work and rest. Externally, we need clean water and food, clean air and environment. However, if we do not adjust our mindset properly, no matter how diligent we exercise or how well we eat, all efforts will be futile.

In addressing health and detoxification issues of people, we adopt a holistic approach. As each individual is different in age, sex, genetics, diet, culture, disposition, environment, living condition, etc., a personalized holistic approach is more effective than treating each person categorically and mechanically, assuming he is the same or similar to others.

Stress and negative emotions are most detrimental to our health.

Unhappy people get sick easily. A cheerful temperament enhances our immunity power; people who think positively generally seldom get sick, or recover from illness more quickly. When we feel irritated, anxious, worried, envious, resentful, bitter, angry, guilty, inferior or any negative emotions, we are under stress physically, mentally and psychologically.


If we do not adjust our mindset properly,

no matter how diligent we exercise or how well we eat,

all efforts will be futile. ( Healing Tree – Nuclear Age Dilemma – Healing Lifestyle and Diet)

A joyful heart is good remedy

愉快的心是良好的治療     ( Proverbs 箴言 17:22)


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